Generations of Expertise

William Henry Van Pelt III, founder of The Mid-Continent Companies, ranks among the most accomplished business advisors in the United States and possesses a 50-year track record of professional success.

In 1983, Bill acquired John M. Shannon & Associates, a Chicago-based specialty tax-planning firm founded in 1963, and rebranded it as The Mid-Continent Companies. Moving to Houston in the 1980s, he established control of Capital Financial Group, Inc., further expanding his company’s capabilities and client portfolio. Soon, Bill welcomed his sons William IV and Patrick, as well as his daughter and son-in-law, to the family based practice, offering a suite of services ranging from financial planning to real-estate management.

Mid-Continent today is home to more than 30 consultants, advisors and team members, as well as parent company to many entities, including an insurance agency licensed in 37 states and a licensed mortgage broker. Headquartered in Houston, Mid-Continent maintains enduring presence in major markets throughout the United States.