Analysis, Evaluation, Implementation

Carrier and Situation Analysis

Mid-Continent specializes in evaluating, negotiating with and recommending insurers and providers. Rigorous selection criteria and performance evaluations ensure your carriers meet total cost-of-benefits goals.

Data Analysis

By analyzing losses, the experts at Mid-Continent can aid in the development of containment strategies and employee communication tactics that target areas with the highest potential to reduce high-dollar claims. Our advanced Healthcare Reform Modeling Tool can help you better understand options at your disposal.

Actuarial Services

Analyzing risks is critical to successful implementation of employer group benefits. When needed, Mid-Continent employs the services of dedicated actuaries to assist with calculations surrounding your employee benefits plans.

Plan Implementation

Mid-Continent offers you ongoing consultation and service that address insurance expense and plan engagement.

Custom Communications

You and your company’s employees will benefit from communications that keep you abreast of industry and legislative trends. This includes assistance with employee surveys and employee-targeted online communication newsletters.

Five-Star Service

  • Consistent client contact
  • Employee education programs
  • Advocacy on your behalf
  • Expert personnel
  • Knowledge that empowers beneficial carrier and vendor negotiations

National Affiliations

Mid-Continent’s national affiliations put you in touch with wide-ranging employee benefits resources and technologies.


With Mid-Continent, many of the industry's leading technologies are available to you, empowering advanced and efficient approaches to analysis and communications.